Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Cookies Got Me!

Sometimes all the goals in the world can be swept under the carpet (along with the accompanying crumbs) when you come face to face with your Goliath: in my case, sugar in the form of chocolates and cookies. 

You’d think there would be a dearth of sugar-laden products come resolution-filled January, but every day, our staff room table is laden with yet more goodies.  My evil colleagues are trying to get rid of the temptations at home and bringing them along to school to torture me with!  It’s galling, really.

My goals for the remainder of the day (because I’ve blown it for the first 16 hours already) are:

  • To abstain from any more sugar, other than in the form of fruit (I might actually go into a coma if I have any more)
  • To step-up my exercise regime in order to make up for my transgressions
  • To NOT decide, “I'm a miserable failure as an eater (and as a person in general), so I might as well keep eating,” but just get back on track with my healthy living right here and right now
  • To realize setbacks are no big deal, especially when I treat them as one-time experiences and they don’t spiral into a decade of self-indulgence, gluttony and almost-certain death
  •   To remember that I AM a good person even if I can eat 16 cookies in one sitting

My sister and I often joke that we have been blessed with incredibly good genes because while neither of us is morbidly obese (and she is MUCH thinner than I am), we should be based on the vast amounts of food we consume.  Don’t ever challenge us to a sisters eating contest because we could eat you under the table!

Here’s to healthy eating, folks.  Here and now.  Forget about what happened five minutes ago.  Those cals are already finding their way to your pudgy-prone places. 

Eat well and prosper.

(By the way, Emily specifically requested that blue and pink cake for her fourth birthday.  Of course, it was delicious. She's six now.  This year she asked for brownies.  A girl after my own heart...)


  1. It's a little scary because I had a case of cookie consumption just last night that rivals your 16 piece escapade and I hadn't even read this yet! Oh Leah, we are so alike. I love you, sis! By the way, I am taking the rest of my cookies to the staff room at work today to tempt someone else...

  2. I love you, Sis! Yes, we are birds of a feather. We could almost be twins, couldn't we? I wonder what you're eating right now...