Sunday, January 8, 2012

What Is and What Could Be…

I have chronic back pain that has come and gone for the last 20 years – Why did I ever get on that damn motorcycle and smash it into a bridge?

I am not dead nor am in a wheelchair or in a vegetative state from brain injuries.

I have been in bed all weekend, trying to find a comfortable position and unhinge my back from this block of pain that has traveled up my shoulders to give me the death mask of a headache.

My bed is soft and squishy and warm; I’ve had lots of time to read and ponder the meaning of life and realize, thanks to CNN, that the majority of people on our planet lead a much more difficult life than I do.  I also really enjoyed played Scrabble on my Iphone until my hands went numb.

My biyearly, gargantuan reports are due in two weeks and this was my weekend to buckle down and work, only I left my stuff at work, and, besides, lying in bed is no place to write reports.

I’ve luxuriated instead with fluffy pillows, an array of books and magazines and REALLY caught up on my sleep.  (I’m a fast processor and writer so the reports will get done and they’ll be stellar.)

I’ve had virtually not physical contact with anyone except my Don, Charlotte and Emily.

I’ve had loads of virtual contact including talking to my mom (twice!) and my sister as well as lots of Facebook pingpong, which, let’s face it, is kind of fun.  Also, Don, Charlotte and Emily are my very favorite people to have contact with, and they’ve taken good care of me and entertained me greatly with their Lego playing, reading Charlotte’s Web together, eating sushi on the bed while watching Tom and Jerry, and the girls playing “find mama’s boobie” while I spent long hours encased in bubbles in the tub.

I’ve barely eaten.

I’m (nearly) back to my pre-Christmas weight.

Life is hard all over.  It’s been a bit hard for me this weekend.  But a bit of a pleasure, too.  I’d like to be outside on the mountain hiking with my family right now, but I am getting the downtime I so treasure.

I am looking for the good in a so-called bad situation, but better yet if you can avoid those bad situations altogether.  If you’re ever tempted to get on a motorcycle and you’re left-handed and clumsy and a little bit of a dare devil, I’d like to suggest you give it a pass.

PS: For those of you who read this on Facebook, which is most of you, I’m trying to figure out how to get this onto an rss feed and make it a little slicker.  Any suggestions, I would welcome them.  Thank  you for the loads of positive comments I've been receiving.  Please keep them coming.  You can expect a podcast just as soon as I get that technology sorted.  This is the year of getting myself out there!

Over and Out (but not out of bed just yet),

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