Friday, March 16, 2012

Seven New Green Starts in Honor of Saint Patrick's Day

Here are some new green starts that seem apropos to put into action as we move toward St. Paddy's Day:

1. To eat even more green vegetables than I already do.  Aside from popcorn and sweets, I am a huge whole foods gal, but the more green stuff we put inside of us, the less room there is for all the other nasties that clog up those arteries.

2. To be more green by stopping with the tuna eating: the overfishing, the catching dolphins in the nets, the eco system going to hell in a hand basket, the guilt...

3. To ignore the green monster of jealousy when it comes to prettier, younger, skinnier, less stumpy women and just accept myself for the prima donna, sorta-pretty, aging gal that I am.

Me and the gal I get most jealous of: my beloved, gorgeous sister!

4. To ignore any niggling back pain and get out into the green, lush mountains for a good ramble with the family this weekend.

The view of our village from the hills above our house

5. To walk away from the Apple products more often and opt for those chopped down green tree things called books.  To be honest, our iPad is likely to become our book reading gadget of choice.  That will also help, of course, in the preservation of those green trees.  I think I've been won over to the world of digital reading except when it comes to celebrity gossip magazines; they MUST be brought into the tub.

6. To grow some greens on our rooftop.  This weekend, I'm going seed and soil and container shopping.  Tis the season...

7. To eat lots of green food for St. Patrick's Day but to imbibe no green alcohol, (in fact probably have no alcohol at all).  I'll be the designated driver, thank you very much.  I'm not Irish and I'm experimenting with going back to my teetotalling ways.  I've always been more of an eater than a drinker anyway.  That's where I like to get my calories...

Okay, it's neither green nor alcohol, but it
certainly isn't good for you! 

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