Monday, March 5, 2012

How My Life is NOT Like Downton Abbey

Those wealthy turn-of-the-century Brits and their wily servants certainly are compelling, aren't they? While we live a very wonderful life here in Hong Kong and are blessed by almost any standard, here is how my life is NOT like Downton Abbey:

This is the "Downton Abbey" I grew up on.

I do not speak with an affected British accent, but with a proper Canadian one.  I do enunciate well, however, being a trained ESL teacher.

I am not busy arranging marriages for our six and eight year old daughters.  Alas, there are presently no lords a' waiting.  I have a feeling my gals will do just fine on their own, thank you very much.  (In fact, they are rather strong-willed, just like the DA sisters!

When we dress for dinner, it's usually in our pajamas.

We drink our wine (from a box) in Ikea cups.  (Not proud of either of these facts.)

Breakfast is not brought to me in bed unless it's Mother's Day.

I wear Spanx, not corsets.

My idea of a horse and carriage is my 1999 Mazda Premacy.  (It still has very low mileage and runs like a dream.)

While I do not have an estate nor a garden, there are still three poinsettia plants alive from Christmas and the basil is on its last, spindly legs.

While my parents live very comfortably, unless they have been hiding their vast wealth, I don't think there's going to be any inheritance quibbling between the siblings.  (We are still all dreaming of Daddy's lottery win, though.)

I don't know who any of my third cousins are.  I don't think it matters.

I don't know anyone who died on the Titanic.

If we have people around for dinner, it's usually a potluck.

We don't go fox hunting, though we occasionally brave venomous snakes while hiking.

I wear dangly earrings from places like "FOREVER 21" that cost less than three bucks.

My mother is not a dowager, but a lovely, sweet, generous Mama without a mean bone in her body.  (Sometimes she is a bit bossy, but only because she knows what's best.)

You must admit, my mother did know how to dress us!

The Rempel family celebrates in style (some30 years ago).

My Goals to Make My Life MORE Like Downton Abbey:

Drink more wine and drink it from crystal goblets.

Request fine, heirloom jewelry for my birthdays.

See if there are any lovely, old, rich people who would care to put me in their inheritance.

Insist my children use a knife and fork and that my husband not substitute his thumb for a knife.

Move to a climate where we can have and use a fireplace.

Substitute my sweat pants for dinner jackets.  (Okay, let's just call my bathrobe a dinner jacket and we're good!)

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