Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dads Who Rock

1. Teach their kids how to do stuff they love to do
2. Talk about what they are thankful for every day and make sure their kids do the same
3. Get down on their hands and knees and play up a storm
4. Introduce their kids to new experiences
5. Help kids see what is good and what they can learn from any given situation, "good" or "bad"
6. Make sure they don't give in to every "kid whim" just to be nice or not to cause friction
7. Talk about real-life issues with their kids
8 Watch movies with their kids (especially animated ones the mommy doesn't necessarily want to see)
9. Expose their kids to others who are less fortunate and come up with action plans about how to help
10. Make sure their kids respect their mother and often tell her how wonderful she is in front of them
11. Teach kindness as the number one expectation
12. Let their kids make their own mistakes and don't say "I told you so" afterwards
13. Hug their kids
14. Say "I love you" all the time, even when they're not loving what their children are doing
15. Laugh a lot
16. Don't hold a grudge
17. Compliment their kids on an array of qualities
18. Help their kids to see what they can get better at, rather than talking about what they're "bad" at
19. Read to their kids
20. Tuck their kids in
21. Make "daddy time" every single day

PS: If you've got a dad that rocks or if your partner is a dad who rocks, today is the day to let them know!

PPS: These rocking rules apply to moms, too!

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