Sunday, February 10, 2013

Another Chance for New Year Resolutions!

Happy Year of the Snake!  Since I am a snake myself, I think I will take my inspiration from these reptiles and set some resolutions for myself.

Shed My Skin

Snakes shed their skins many times over a lifetime, in effect, completely reinventing themselves.  I think this is the year I try some new things. I'm not talking about pole dancing or converting to Catholicism or changing professions: just letting myself try some new gigs.  Like writing.

I'm also thinking about trying microdermabrasion to give myself a more youthful appearance.  That's roughly the same as shedding your skin.

Eat Food Bigger Than My Head

Snakes have very small heads.  In fact, they kind of look like they don't have heads at all, just long slithery bodies.  They do, however, have skulls and cavernous, fangy mouths.  Snakes are capable of devouring animals much larger than their heads in a single bite.  I like the idea of eating food items bigger than my head: burritos, calzones, giant servings of spaghetti...

Camouflage a Little More Effectively

Snakes can fit in with their surroundings so well that their prey never see them coming.  I don't really have anyone I wish to prey on, but I do think I could camouflage myself a little better.  I'm pretty much an open book: to know me is to love me (or not).  It would be a good idea to shut up once in a while and not tell the whole world all my secrets.  I'm going to go a little more undercover with my private life (other than in this blog)!

Be More Cold-Blooded in My Vacation Choices

"If a snake is in a cool place, its body temperature will quickly cool down and the snake will naturally seek a warmer place. If a snake can't escape a cold place it will lose consciousness. This is a state called torpor."

I am not a fan of torpor, but I am a fan of warm places.  I am going to plan my vacations around the fact that I am a cold-blooded reptile.  I would like Bali to be in the cards for Easter break.

Long and Lean, Baby

This is the year to do my Pilates and strengthening exercises and really elongate my muscles.  I'd like to be a little curvier than your average garden snake, but who has ever seen an overweight snake?

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