Sunday, February 3, 2013

Gal-Friendly Options for Superbowl Sunday

My guy is an old-movie, film-noir type of fellow so the Superbowl doesn't evoke any emotions or provoke any special plans on our part.  Usually we youtube the commercials afterward, and we sometimes accompany our viewing pleasure with a festive party platter that honors the Green Bay Packers, whether they're in the Superbowl or not.  (Because if you're from Wisconsin, you have to honor the Green Bay Packers whether you like football or not; I also think it's against the law not to like cheese curds, brats (as in bratwurst) or beer.)

Helmets off to those of you gals who are fans of the sport, but some of us just don't run with the pack, so to speak.

So...if you're a lady and not beholden to making and serving dips and buffalo wings for your man and his brethern, it's the perfect time to hightail yourself and perhaps some of your lady friends to some other venue to enjoy your own version of entertainment.

1.  How about heading to an upscale restaurant to enjoy some champagne and the haute cuisine that you would so love to have even though your dh wants a chimichanga and deep fried ice cream?  You'll have no trouble getting reservations like you would on Valentine's Day and you'll save your hubby the confusion of all the cutlery.

2. Go to the movies.  No worries that you'll be seen by anyone you know so you can go watch whatever guilty pleasure you please.  And I'm not talking about Zero Dark Thirty.

3. Take at least half of all that artery-clogging, trans-fat-infused food you've creamed, crushed and mixed with Lipton's Onion Soup mix and consign yourself to your own TV in another part of the house.  Why not catch up on one of your favorite series on Netflix?  Drop Dead Diva anyone?

4. Go to a coffee shop with a good book.  It'll be you and a bunch of other intellectuals (or at least non-sporty types).  You may even meet someone you like, the kind of guy you won't have to spend every Sunday watching football with.

5. Get outside and do some exercise instead of watching other people get it on TV.  Cross country skiing, jogging, frisbee, tai chi, jazzercising...whatever makes you happy.

6. Do some butt-patting of your own if your someone-else isn't a SB fan either.  A Sunday afternoon snuggle can be even more fun than Sunday afternoon football.

7. Have a spa day with a friend.  You'll come back refreshed, beautiful, and there will be no hangover that you'll have to go back to work with on Monday.  (Don't expect your husband to notice your transformation, though; and there will probably be dishes waiting.)

8.  Go to an art gallery or museum minus the usual weekend crowds.  Imagine you and a bunch of million dollar art work in a gallery alone.  Line your pockets with Skittles or M & Ms to make the experience even more enjoyable.

9. High tea at a five star hotel, anyone?  You know you would love to dive into the chocolate fountain and drown in it to the lilt of an orchestra playing classical music in the background.

10. Buy yourself some celeb magazines that you usually save for your visits to the hair salon and get caught up on the gossip and gowns.  Orange processed food goes well with this pastime and it doesn't matter if the pages get greasy.  (Heck, take it all in the tub and it won't matter anyway.)

If all else fails, join in and enjoy the ads and the halftime show (and the food, of course).  You can practice your meditation skills during the actual play time.  Whether you watch or not, calories don't count on Superbowl Sunday.

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