Monday, April 29, 2013

I'm the kind of gal who...

Eats popcorn in bed.  Every night.

Hugs easily.

Has a phone phobia.

Keeps people in her heart, but doesn't always communicate as well as she might.  (Refer to the last comment.)

Avoids confrontation.

Can only work at jobs where she is happy.

Loves to bathe.

Needs lots of down time.

Never thought she wanted children and now can't imagine life without them.

Who doesn't sunbathe, but loves the beach.

Feels naked without long hair.

Is learning to be mindful.

Loves her job, her students, and her colleagues.

Believes heaven is here and now.

Doesn't deal well with noise.

Has itchy feet - literally and figuratively.

Fights her sleep.  (Hence the blog.)

Never stays angry for more than a minute or ten.

Has all her trousers hemmed to fit heels, but doesn't wear heels anymore.

Feels short.

Has shrunk an inch since her surgery.

Is thankful for pretty much everything in her life.

Is destined to be happy forever because of the last comment.

Even so, is sometimes grumpy.

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