Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Chill Time

My hooves are driving me crazy.  It's been months since my last pedicure and none of my closed-toe shoes fit me because my toe nails have grown so long.  Honestly, I'm sure it's not an image you want to have in your head: gnarled, tree trunk nails that are curling over my chubby toes like so much ivy.

It's not so bad as all that, actually.  In fact, it makes me laugh that I am even thinking about nail treatments, given that my first pedicure was about 12 years ago and it was for the very special occasion of a wedding to be held in California.  I remember it was the dead of a Minnesota winter and I didn't think to or probably have the option to wear flip flops; I came clad in my woolen socks and winter boots.

Though I was greatly discouraged by the purveyor of my pedicure to relax and wait for what seemed to me an inordinately long period of time before leaving the premises, my stomach was rumbling, a snow storm was threatening and I had read every celebrity gossip magazine in the place.  I shoved on the socks and boots and shoveled my car out of a snowbank to get home.

Not surprisingly, upon my arrival home, I found my burgundy talons smeared into what looked like a bloody mess.  It was several years before I tried again.  These days, these types of services are still luxuries for me, but feel somewhat necessary on the scale of bodily upkeep.  Part of that might have to be with now living in a semi-tropical environment where most of the year can be spent in flip flops or sandals.

Little luxuries, necessities, pampering them what you may: they do leave one feeling revived and refreshed, as if you've taken some time for yourself and put in some effort to look just a tad better than you might otherwise, even if no one notices but yourself.

In between waxes and  hair colors, self tans and mani/pedis, a gal could have a full-time job.  I'm not that kind of gal, that's for sure, but I do enjoy my occasional pampering sessions.  Yesterday, my girlfriend and I went for a foot rub, a common and lovely practice here in Asia.  It was just what the doctor ordered: a nice catch-up session with a buddy, an invigorating massage, and a chance to take a deep breath and walk away from the daily pressures of life for an hour or two.

Maybe that's what it's all about: stepping away from the go-go-go to just chill-chill-chill.

New start?  More chill time (in whatever form it might take) and less go time.  My chances for success are good since summer vacation is about to begin, and this teacher is ready to fully enjoy one of the biggest perks of the teaching profession: holiday time!

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