Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Pajama Gal

I've been having a hard time getting dressed lately.  After my shower last night, I put my underwear on and it took a good half hour of tugging and wondering if I had experienced an unprecedented weight gain before I realized I had put my panties on backwards.

This morning it took me until recess time to realize that I was wearing my blouse inside out.  Somehow none of my colleagues or students recognized this fashion faux pas either, which just goes to show people really don't spend much time looking at me other than the occasional cursive glance to prove they are mildly interested in every 50th word I have to say.

In my last blog, I wrote about spending less time in front of the mirror, but I think I may actually need a little more inspection time.  I also might need to sew some little tags into my underwear so I know which is the back and which is the front.

Some days it just feels so challenging with all that buttoning and zipping and getting your bra on with the cups on the correct side of your body.  (It might be the Amish blood in me that is protesting all those adornments.) Sometimes I think I was meant to live in my pajamas.

My kids do it all in their pajamas.  Why can't I?

It's just so much easier, and, frankly, I'm kind of cute in my pajamas.  Plus, it makes stumbling out of bed and getting ready for work so much easier...slip on some undergarments, slash on a bit of make up, throw your hair up in a disheveled pony tail and away you go.  Honestly, no one at work seems to know the difference between Leah in her pajamas and Leah in her professional duds.

No guarantees about what I'm going to show up for work in tomorrow, but I'm pretty sure nobody is going to give me a second glance unless I decide to wear the footsie pajamas with the backflap on the bottom.

Yup, we prefer our pajamas!

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