Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Being Moderately Consistent

As a rule, I have incredibly high expectations for myself, higher than I have for anyone else I know.  This means that I have been failing my health and diet report card miserably (for most of my life).  Fortunately, rules are meant to be broken, and my "sauntering toward health" mentality is allowing me to dispense with the "everything-is-a-test-that-you-will-be-graded-on" mentality.

To demonstrate what progress I have been making (because I am, after all very motivated by positive feedback), here is an excerpt from a blog I did not publish last week:

Today I went to a "happy adoption" party and managed to un-do all of my food resolutions in one fell swoop, without an ounce of guilt.

Oh, and yesterday was Valentines.  How did that go in the food department?  Well, it was romantic, but not in a romaine sort of way.  More of a masala and garlic naan sort of way.

My self-bought Valentines gift?  A fitbit, an Apple new-age pedometer that I can clip onto my bra and forget about. (I'm dreading the day it counts the washing machines gyrations instead of my steps!)   So far, my fitbit has been fun to pull out of my cleavage and look at, but I've been so loaded up on food that I've only been able to lumber.

It's our wedding anniversary today and I've got some Bloody Mary's, olives, camembert and French bread on tap for an evening of House of Cards and more celebration.

How am I feeling about it all?  Pretty much okay.  Why?  Because I no longer have a diet mentality that makes sure that if I "fail" once, I might as well go awol in candy land.

After my few planned days of moderately falling off the wagon (which is a ridiculous thing to say because you either fall off or you don't: I guess I was dragged along while hanging on by my stubby fingers), I am back to healthy eating and daily, gentle workouts.

The idea of "sauntering toward health" through consistency and moderation falls into a category that is probably native to Type B people, but is a learned behavior to us Type As.  It feels foreign to me, and I keep waiting for someone to shove a report card in my face with lots of "needs improvement" and "inconsistent"scores on it.  So far that hasn't happened.  In fact, four pounds off the scale HAS happened, and I don't feel like I've done a whole lot of suffering to get there.

Hip, hip hurray for moderate consistency!

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